Pacific University Pharmacy School at Council Creek

Last Friday, the pharmacy school from Pacific University helped out at Council Creek as part of their big outdoor volunteer day!

The pharmacy school volunteers were excited about the activity and arrived ready to work. In the short few hours they were there, the group worked extremely hard, even in the hot sun.

The volunteers assisted the SOLVE team with coffee bagging and mulching our native plants. The group did a fantastic job – they ended up covering over 70 plants!

Thanks for all of your help!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage volunteer

Parrot Creek at Phillips Creek

This week, Parrot Creek got to try something new while they were out at Phillips Creek. The group tried their hand at bio-engineering by planting live Dogwood stakes near the bank of the creek.

Some of the volunteers helped to dig a trench for the stakes while the others helped to trim and collect Dogwood trimmings to plant back into the soil. The volunteers had a lot of fun doing a new activity. They are excited to come back in the future and see how the plants will grow!

Thanks for all of your help! We look forward to seeing you next week!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage volunteer

Fun at Phillips Creek

Last Wednesday, a Methodist group volunteered at Phillips Creek and helped remove many invasive species. The group worked extremely hard and cleared out a large area that had previously been dominated by Himalayan Blackberry.

The group was still eager to work so they moved on to another large patch of blackberry and helped remove a large chunk.

Thanks for all of your help!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage volunteer

Parrot Creek Returns to Troge

This week, Parrot Creek returned to Troge to help restore some of the area next to the creek. The volunteers removed a lot of invasive blackberry and dug out their roots to clear the ground.

Parrot Creek also got to try something new today by spreading straw bales around the ground they had cleared. The group seemed to have a lot of fun with this, for it was something they had not yet tried.

The volunteers also had a nice treat at the end when they found a tall blackberry bush filled with delicious blackberries. Thanks for all of your help, Parrot Creek!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage volunteer

Centro Comes to Council Creek

Last Thursday, a group of Centro Cultural students came out to Council Creek to help mulch the native plants and remove invasives from the area. They also learned a lot about macro-invertebrates and got to see a few of them up close!

Although the volunteers were very young, they were very helpful in tackling the invasive Reed Canary Grass. The students were all very excited to help restore the area and make it as beautiful as possible.

After reading The Lorax to the students, they were even more excited to help the native plants. They did not want the native plants in Council Creek to become like the Truffula trees from the book.

Thanks for all of your help, Centro!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage Volunteer

Warner Pacific at Dahl Beach

A very enthusiastic group of about 20 teenagers came out to help remove invasives at Dahl beach. After a long morning working in the heavy rain it was really great to have a group so energetic and ready to work. Teams of about three tackled huge piles of blackberry. Some stems seemed to be about 2 to 3 inches in circumference and long enough to cling onto branches 20 feet in the air. I was very impressed by the work ethic of the group and their team working skills to move large branches covered in invasive. A lot of good work was done thanks to Warner Pacific! Thanks Guys!

Written by Duke Engage Volunteer Carl Heinz

Rainy Days at Mt. Scott Creek

This past Wednesday, we had a Methodist group volunteer at Mt. Scott Creek. Unfortunately, Wednesday was a chilly day filled with lots and lots of rain. But our volunteers didn’t mind. They were happy to be outdoors and didn’t mind getting a little muddy during their time at the creek.

While volunteering, the group assisted in mulching the many native plants and removing the invasives that were starting to take over the area. Everyone was excited to tackle the project they were working on.

A big thank-you goes out to this group for rocking it in the rain!

Written by Annie Maass, DukeEngage Volunteer