West Linn triumphs at Abernethy Creek

West Linn High School is on a roll!  Over 230 students strong, this is one of our largest and most enthusiastic Green Teams and they know how to get the job done.  West Linn was SOLV’s first Green Team and we are so grateful for passionate teachers like Jim Hartmann and Geoff Bingham to keep the partnership going. 

West Linn has adopted Abernethy Creek in Oregon City as their stream site for restoration and has been doing work there for quite a few years.  Abernethy Creek is actually one of the very few streams left in our area that sees salmon pass through.  West Linn has come out several times already this year and they will be out with us at the site TWO days this week, what dedication! 

The students have worked hard to remove invasives such as Himalayan blackberry and reed canary grass and are gearing up for the planting season.  Several students will come out this Friday to work with our first elementary school Green Team, King Elementary School in Oregon City, and partner with the younger students to do willow staking at the site.

On October 2nd, 36 students came out to Estacada for a salmon toss in the Upper Clackamas with just two days’ notice.  They threw dead hatchery salmon into the waterway to restore nutrient flows and will be doing the same again this weekend.  Talk about strength in numbers!  Way to go, West Linn!

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