Let’s talk turtles…

This week, students from Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School prepped two areas at Willow Creek for native turtle habitat.  Students finished digging two 5 x 25 foot areas of land adjacent to the waterway and covered them with black plastic to solarize the seeds underneath to kill any remaining invasive species.  In the coming months, we will further prepare the area for turtle nesting with a mixture of sand, soil, gravel and short native grasses.

In other stations, students also tested the pH level of the stream, learning about all the necessary elements of good water quality and what indications to look for in a healthy stream.  Students continued planting native species, such as willow, to eventually shade out reed canary grass which is the major invasive species at Willow Creek.  Well done, Rachel Carson students!

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk turtles…

  1. On behalf of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon’s native turtles, thank you Green Team!! I can’t wait to see the end results!

    Susan Barnes, ODFW

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