Fun in the sun

About 50 students from two of Liz Reichle’s science classes at Estacada High School came out this week to do streamside restoration.. right in their own backyard!  Students worked to create a healthier riparian area for Currin Creek, which runs behind Estacada High School. 

Students worked hard in their short class periods to plant over 150 native plants and shrubs to prevent soil erosion and provide shade for the creek.  Currin Creek is an intermittent stream, meaning it dries up in the summertime, and has been really transformed over the past few years by the work of Estacada students.  The students were joined by the Americorps NCCC crew working with SOLV this fall and great conversations were had regarding their program.  Students planted alongside NCCC members and were filled in on all the great educational and life opportunities that the program has to offer.

Check out what the Americorps team has been up to on their Flickr account!

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