A Sunny Stroll

Gladstone High School students brought the sunshine with them to Rinearson Creek yesterday when they came out to learn more about invasive plants and to remove blackberry. 

New to the site, students were able to review and recall a great amount of information about invasive plants and took a walk to observe the invasives present at Rinearson.  Students identified English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, bamboo and reed canary grass and their affects on native plants. 

Some invasives, like blackberry, are able to be removed by their roots and will not return once the area is dominated by native plants.  Reed canary grass is a bit trickier to deal with as its seeds stay viable in the soil up to 40 or 50 years.  Its one enemy is shade and it is our hope to plant the areas dominated by this grass with native plants to shade out the reed canary grass.  Our end goal is an 80% dominance of native plants and we are well on our way!

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