We’re Beaver Fans

Native trees and beaver caging at Beaver Creek

After a brief holiday hiatus, SOLV Green Teams are back in action and ready to get back to stream restoration!  We visited Beaver Creek in Troutdale with Kim Wilson’s seniors from Reynolds Natural Resource Academy last week.  These students worked at the site last year and were able to see that a great many of the trees they planted in the riparian area (next to the stream) of Beaver Creek were still thriving.

Miles and Alex (SOLV) demonstrate beaver caging installation

Students planted about 75 trees and shrubs, such as twinberry, douglas spirea and red osier dogwood, all of which are species that do well in wetland and flooded areas.  We were able to see the effects of high water levels and flooding, as some plants’ caging from last year were warped and filled with debris.

Beaver cages filled with debris from the waterway

As students planted native species, they cut wire caging to stake into the ground around the plants to protect them from the nibbles of beavers, deer and other creatures. 

Teacher Marty O'Brien and a student prep beaver caging

Reynolds students were able to cage most of the trees and shrubs they planted, which will give them protection from wind, weather and other elements as they take root and begin to shade and protect Beaver Creek.

Raccoon prints next to Beaver Creek

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