A good day to be a duck

Snow isn’t enough to keep Rachel Carson students away from Willow Creek!  Over 90 students from the middle school joined us at the creek today to do bioengineering, planting and writing activities.  Though a steady rain fell throughout the day, it did not dampen the spirits or enthusiasm as the students worked hard at all of their stations…

Douglas spirea, a native shrub that we often plant at SOLV wetland sites, has been thriving at Willow Creek since Rachel Carson students planted it several years ago.  Today, students harvested branches from these shrubs and installed them as stakes close to the water’s edge.  These stakes will create a stable root system and grow to further shade Willow Creek.  Students also planted over 100 native trees, mostly red osier dogwood, to shade out reed canary grass and promote wildlife habitat.

Honoring our Rivers is a publication of a collection of student artwork and writings to promote and nurture respect for the Willamette River.  Rachel Carson students took some time today to reflect on their experiences at Willow Creek; we received some great poems and reflections from students that we will be submitting to be included in the Honoring our Rivers 2011 publication.  (To submit your work, click here.)  We’re looking forward to creating some artwork with Rachel Carson students and seeing what our other students have to say about their relationship with their waterway.  Below is a poem written today by one of our students:

The tree sways, the wind blows and the soft, smooth rhythm of the creek engulfs the scenery. 

Then the graceful birds fly over the creek, bringing their peaceful songs. 

The creek is alive.

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