Beaver Caging at Rock Creek

Clackamas High School students came out to Rock Creek this week to continue our removal of invasive species, like Himalayan blackberry, and to protect native trees and shrubs with coffee bags and beaver caging.  By staking biodegradeable coffee bags around the native plants with biodegradeable stakes, invasive plant growth is impeded and allows the tree or shrub some room to thrive.  English ivy is the most common invasive in this area and so it is our aim to allow these plants to grow unimpeded.

English ivy

 Students also installed beaver caging around the plants once they were coffee bagged; the aim of this initiative is to protect the young plants from beaver chew and other mammals, like deer, in the area. While beaver and deer are native and healthy species to have in the region, we do want to ensure our natives have time to mature. 

A native tree protected by beaver caging and coffee bags, with mulch

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