Deer Park Returns!

Deer Park Academy students are joining SOLV again this trimester at Willow Creek.  We had a great experience with students this past fall and we are looking forward to getting to work with a new group this spring.

Since this was the first time most of the students were visiting the site, we did a site walk to acquaint them with the area and all of its plant and animal life.  Students began to learn how to identify native plants by distinguishable characteristics like the red bark of the red stemmed dogwood and the peeling bark of the ninebark.  Students saw the eroding banks of Willow Creek and will do some bioengineering with willow and dogwood stakes to halt erosion and sediment flow into the waterway.  We talked about the beaver population and why we want to cage our native trees so that the beaver don’t chew them too early as well as the turtle habitats we have begun constructing with the hope of attracting native turtles to nest at the site.

Deer Park will be coming out with SOLV every week and we are so excited to have them working with us again!

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