Timber Lake Job Corps stabilize Currin Creek!

It may be spring break and schools are out for the week but SOLV is still working hard with students on restoration sites!  Yesterday, a group of 20 students from Timber Lake Job Corps joined us on Currin Creek in Estacada.

Currin Creek, which flows behind Estacada High School, was altered during construction of a ball field behind the school, causing erosion.  Pacific Habitat Services did bank work to regrade the steep eroding banks.  Students from Estacada High School visit the site twice a month revegetating the bank with natives to create shade and prevent erosion.

We were a bit behind on our yearly planting and bioengineering goals for this spring and Timber Lake Job Corps students really stepped up to help us out!  They constructed 10 bioengineered brush dams made of bundles of Willow, Black Cottonwood and Red Osier Dogwood branches which will root into the stream bed, providing soil stability.  The dams slow down the flow of the stream and trap sediment behind them to build the stream bed back up.

Timber Lake students also have planted over 400 native trees and shrubs along Currin Creek’s banks.  BIG thank you for all your hard work!!

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