King Elementary brings out the sunshine

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King Elementary School Green Team brought smiles and sunshine out to Abernethy Creek today.  Students learned that there is an active Beaver population at Abernethy Creek.  Having Beaver at the site is great for other surrounding wildlife and water quality. From

When beavers build dams, they create new wetland environments for other species. These wetlands can help slow erosion, raise the water table and help purify the water.

It’s okay for beaver to chew on large Willow, Dogwood and other large trees.  In fact, most Willow and Red Osier Dogwood will survive it.  However, if beaver chew on our newly planted baby natives they will not survive.  So students helped us to surround our newly planted natives with cages that will deter the beaver.  Once the trees grow larger (in about 8 years) we will remove those cages.  Students got a ton of great work done today and caged about 30 trees!  Thank you King Elementary!

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