Sexton Mountain Elementary students help out Beacon Hill Wetland

Eighty very enthusiastic second and third graders from Sexton Mountain Elementary joined us yesterday at Beacon Hill Wetland.  After just a short walk from their school, students were briefed on why planting and protecting native trees and shrubs in this ecologically important wetland is so important for water quality and the wildlife that live in their neighborhood.

Students came out to help us protect natives with coffee bags.  Invasive grasses can out-compete our newly planted baby trees and shrubs in short amount of time in the spring and summer months; unless we protect them with coffee bags!  The coffee bags were donated to us from Coffee Bean International and are made out of a natural grass fiber called jute.  These bags are placed on either side of each native plant to shade out invasive grasses, giving our natives some breathing room to grow nice and tall on their own.  The bags will biodegrade after about 4 years when the natives are tall enough to compete with invasive grasses on their own!

Students protected approximately 80 native trees and shrubs!  We even got to see some great wildlife including a pacific tree frog, a garter snake and a nesting mother goose!  Thank you Sexton Mountain Elementary!

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