Earth Day at Beaverton Creek

Mountain View Middle School students celebrated Earth Day last Friday at Beaverton Creek Tributary by checking out some very cool macroinvertebrates in the stream.  Students in Trev Karper’s classes visited the site for the last time this year and were gifted with beautiful weather and lots of critters and crawlers to inspect.

Students formed three groups and were stationed at three spots along the stream; near the street and culvert, in the middle of the stream site, and the last group was stationed in the pond at the back of the site.  Students were also able to test the stream temperature with some very cool water quality testing equipment from our friend and site sponsor Matt from Vernier

Students were able to critically think about why the stream temperature cooled as it flowed further from the street and under more shade, as well as why certain macros did or didn’t exist in the water way.  Students found scuds, snails, leeches, mayflies, beetle larvae, aquatic sowbug, blackfly larvae and aquatic earthworms.  One group even found a damselfly nymph!  Each group tallied up their points, which are determined by the macroinvertebrate’s sensitivity to pollution, and found that the water quality was between fair and poor.  But, we know that the shading of the waterway and restoration of the site is really bringing back the health of the stream; thanks for all of your wonderful work Mountain View!

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