A lesson for a lifetime

When Hannah, a senior from Glencoe High School, contacted SOLV for a job shadow experience we quickly put her interest and experience in environmental science to work!  She offered to help lead Rachel Carson Middle School students at Willow Creek over several Wednesdays.  Hannah has been a HUGE help educating students in the field and keeping them focused, enthusiastic and informed about restoration activities like caging natives to protect them from beaver and coffee bagging natives to shade out Reed Canary Grass.

After learning about restoration activities happening at Willow Creek, Hannah realized just how much a similar Reed Canary grass invaded wetland next to her school could benefit if students became actively involved.  Glencoe High is located right next to McKay Creek, a very high priority waterway for restoration in the Tualatin Basin.  So she rallied some students, friends and teachers together on a sunny Saturday to plant several native Douglas Fir trees along the natural area not only to enhance habitat and water quality but to also honor eight retiring teachers at Glencoe High.

Hannah did not stop there, during her Saturday event students and teachers also harvested about 30 Red Osier Dogwood cuttings and installed them in the wetland to enhance biodiversity in the area.  She is also encouraging students and teachers to continue her work at McKay Creek.

Thank you Hannah for all your work this spring!  You have truely been an inspiration to many and we know you’ll do great things in the future!

2 thoughts on “A lesson for a lifetime

  1. Thanks, Hannah! It’s truly been a joy to work with you.. we’re jealous that Purdue gets to hang on to you for the next four years but we’re so excited to see what’s in store for you! All the best!

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