I’d like to thank the Academy…

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What a great time we had with Deer Park Academy this week!  Last week, students helped us harvest some willow from mature willow trees to stake into the ground.  This is a form of bioengineering we often use at sites to mitigate erosion and provide shade for the stream.

Two new students joined our crew this week at Willow Creek and we were able to cut longer willow stakes to install along the stream.  When we prepare stakes, it is best to cut the branch, or stake, with the buds facing up, with an angled cut at the bottom.  This allows new growth to be stimulated and it is easier to get it into the ground this way.  A fresh cut at the top of the stake will also stimulate new growth of the willow.  We cut stakes in teams, flagged the stakes so we will be able to monitor them as they shade out the reed canary grass, and installed them on the stream banks.  Thanks for making Willow Creek a better place, Deer Park!

From the Oregon Department of State Lands:

Conventionally, engineers have used only static inorganic materials that provide neither habitat for fish and wildlife, nor shade for the stream. Bioengineering techniques include effective, low cost methods for protecting and restoring riparian areas. Different species of willows and cottonwoods are used widely for bioengineering projects because they easily form roots on stem cuttings.

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