A muddy reflection…

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Seniors from Reynolds Natural Resource Academy joined us for their last time out at Beaver Creek last Friday.  These students have worked so hard to restore a large section of Beaver Creek visiting the site monthly as both juniors and seniors.  Back when they were juniors and visiting Beaver Creek for the first time some students were afraid to even get their shoes muddy… this is no longer an issue!  Students celebrated their hard work by painting a muddy “war paint” on their faces!  These students are indeed true warriors for their watershed.  We cannot thank you enough Reynolds Seniors!

Student reflections:

Coming to SOLV gives me something to look back at during the years of Reynolds Natural Resource Academy.  The things we did here were really impactful.  We got to do so much.  We planted trees.  We protected them.  We even go to save habitat for fish.  Now they can still live and spawn in Beaver Creek.

Never did I think I would have a snail poop on my paper.  Never did I think I would plant trees for fun.  Never did I think I could really make a change for the environment.  Reynolds Natural Resource Academy and SOLV join forces to drive the stake of nature into our hearts.

My lovely SOLV experience.  Miles and Meghan our SOLV leaders taught us so much, from plant to water bugs.  What plants are native and invasive.  How plants help the water and dirtiness.  The power to take out blackberries and garlic mustard.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the time to put in healthy earth.  I will continue to SOLV!

Fun in the sun, fun in the rain all to help the environment.  Getting rid of the unwanted invasives.  Planting new natives to grow tall; provide shade to the stream; stopping erosion.  Smelling all the garlic mustard, but feeling proud of removing them.  Two years of working with amazing people, all to change the world

2 thoughts on “A muddy reflection…

  1. Great photos and a wonderful reflection on meaningful, valuable experiences through our Green Team Program. I love that the student used the word SOLV as a verb! Thanks for all you do, Meghan and Miles, to change students’ lives and improve the environment!

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