Spreading the stewardship word…

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Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School 8th grade students were all-stars last week; they joined us out at Willow Creek for their last site visit as well as at the Oregon Zoo to help SOLV with its annual breakfast!

The 8th grade class joined Alex and Hannah (SOLV) at Willow Creek on Wednesday for their last work day as Rachel Carson students.  Eighth grade students Jessie, Kori, Harry, Ann and Samantha put together some articles they wrote and created a “Friends of Willow Creek” newsletter to inform neighbors of all of the restoration work being done by the students and to let community members know they are leading their own event in Willow Creek on June 4th.  All eighth graders helped us go door to door and hand out nearly 400 newsletters in one morning! 

But they didn’t stop there.  Students also worked together to install coffee bags around native plants and shrubs in the wetland; this will give the plants some space to grow without being invaded by reed canary grass. 

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the Rachel Carson 8th grade class for all of their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to making Willow Creek a healthier and happier place over the last three years.  Your work has already blossomed and you have shared so much of your knowledge with sixth and seventh graders, giving them the tools to succeed.  THANK YOU and we will see you in June!

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