I spy with my little eye…

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King Elementary School’s Green Team joined SOLV for their final site visit last week at Abernethy Creek.  We’ve spent the year installing willow stakes to prevent stream erosion, coffee bagging plants to impede invasive weed growth, planting native trees and shrubs and installing beaver caging around plants to allow them time to mature and grow.  We finished up the year by testing the creek for macroinvertebrates, or organisms and bugs that can be seen without a microscope.

Macroinvertebrates tell a good story of the quality of the water in a stream or waterway; based on the organisms we find, we can determine how polluted the stream is.  Sensitive species like stoneflies and mayflies can only live in very clean water while more pollution tolerant species like snails and leeches can live in more polluted waters. 

Miles (SOLV) helped us out my climbing into the stream with his chest waders to kick up some vegetation and loosen rocks at the bottom of the stream into his D-net, which we use to get samples.  We then emptied the net into a small basin that we had filled with clean stream water and used turkey basters to retrieve any bugs or creatures we saw.  We emptied the turkey basters into ice cube trays so we could see the bugs more easily.  We found mayflies, which are sensitive species, as well as more pollution tolerant species like water boatmen and snails.

THANK YOU for a splashing good time, King Elementary!

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