Willow Creek Thanks You

The eighth grade class of Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School joined us at Willow Creek for their final official site visit with Green Team.  These students have been coming to the site with their school for the past three years and in that time, they have planted over 3,500 trees and shrubs!  In the seven years that Rachel Carson has been at Willow Creek, students have planted 6,500 natives; so these students have been involved in planting over half of the trees on the site.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

I have learned so much and now when I see invasives, I pull them.  I am even convincing my parents to have a native yard habitat!

This project has changed my view of natural settings.  When I see a tree with English Ivy, I want to pull it off because it is suffocating the plant.

Before, I thought that work was something you do for your own benefit, but now I see it as helping the community.

This experience makes me want to do other community involvement work!

I have had my eyes open and fallen in love with nature!

I have become a more productive worker; I work harder, longer and better.

I realized that only a small group of people can make a huge difference if we work toward a common goal.

Now whenever I’m walking around my neighborhood, I can identify plants and see if they’re native.

I have changed because I now know the importance of taking care of the environment.  Also, how doing something, no matter how big or small, can impact the environment, whether good or bad.

I have become much more environmentally aware of both local and world-wide problems.  I have learned to work in teams better.

I go outside more.

I’m not as afraid to get dirty!

It was really fun working with the SOLV volunteers and they really helped our school.

I have had many good memories from SOLV and I will remember them forever.

Thank you Rachel Carson 8th graders; we’ll see you this weekend at Willow Creek for our coffee-bagging extravaganza!  Join us for watering over the summer, we can’t wait to see you again 🙂

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