Rachel Carson Eighth Graders Take the Lead

Four eighth grade students from Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School coordinated an event at Willow Creek this past weekend to let community members and neighbors see what they have been doing for the past year.

These students have been working at Willow Creek with SOLV for the last three years, as all Rachel Carson students start with Green Team in 6th grade.  As a part of their 8th grade projects, they all wrote articles and put together a newsletter that they took door to door and handed out to over 400 houses.  This community event last weekend was the final piece of their project and they did an excellent job of informing volunteers about all of the great work they do.

Coffee bagging native trees and shrubs was on the agenda for the event; the students talked to volunteers about the site and how to be safe when handling tools.  Students showed volunteers the proper way to install a coffee bag around plants and made sure to highlight that we were installing them to impede reed canary grass from growing around them.  Volunteers and students cleared the invasive grass from around the plants and coffee bagged over 80 trees and shrubs.. Thanks so much for your leadership, Rachel Carson!

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