Green Team’s Newest Faces

Xuan, Perry and Kate are joined by Miles at Willow Creek for some vegetation monitoring

Last week, the SOLV Green Team got three new members from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Xuan, Perry and Kate are interning with SOLV for eight weeks this summer through DukeEngage. DukeEngage is a program that promotes civic engagement and the Portland program focuses on protecting and serving the environment.

Perry, Kate and Xuan are helping Alex, Miles and Meghan with the numerous Green Team workdays. So far they have worked with TimberLake and Springdale Job Corps, Morrison Family Services and Parrott Creek Child and Family Services. They have loved working with the groups and have really enjoyed sharing their love of the outdoors with the kids! It has been a really fun way for the interns to spend their days.

When the Duke Interns are not working with kids, they are learning a lot about stream restoration. Kate, Perry and Xuan are assisting with the monitoring of SOLV’s restoration sites which includes identifying plants, measuring plant growth, removing invasives and taking pictures of the areas. This work has been very helpful in deepening the interns knowledge of SOLV’s work with urban watersheds. Xuan, Perry and Kate have loved work so far and are thrilled to continue working with Green Team this summer!

(Written by Kate, DukeEngage intern.  Thanks Kate!)

One thought on “Green Team’s Newest Faces

  1. Welcome Xuan, Perry, and Kate! We are glad to have you join our efforts and hope you’re enjoying the beauty of Oregon. It’s a great place we are so very proud of as Oregonians.

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