Parrott Creek Students Tackle Invasives Head-on

This summer, SOLV has started up a partnership with Parrott Creek Ranch. Miles, Xuan, and Perry have had a wonderful time starting to get to know this hard-working and energetic bunch of students! The team is also lucky enough to be joined by Jeff, one of the neighbors living next to Rinearson Creek. The Parrott Creek students, of all high school ages, have now been working at the Rinearson Creek and Meldrum Bar Park sites for the past two and a half weeks. Already, the students have made a significant impact by clearing large patches of invasive blackberry from the slope of Rinearson Creek and pulling wild cucumber and ivy from areas in Meldrum Bar Park. It is amazing how they tackle these invasive plants with such gusto!

Because they will be visiting the sites twice a week over the next six weeks, we know that there is even more of an impact to come. A few of the students have also expressed interest in working with the turtle populations residing in the pond. They loved the idea of getting down in the mud and water to check the turtle traps!

Xuan, Miles, and Perry are looking forward to forming a closer relationship with both Parrott Creek and its students over the coming weeks. This lively group has a lot to offer!

Results of intensive blackberry removal at Rinearson

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