One Tree at a Time

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Equipo Verde finished out a wonderful few days working with us out at Council Creek in Cornelius today; we even saw some new faces!  Yesterday, students installed caging around native plants to protect them from beaver.  While beaver are a native species and we like them at our sites, we do not want them to chew our young native plants.  The cages allow us to find the plants more easily and stops the beaver from snacking on them; students caged about 50 trees and shrubs.

The restoration continued today with mulching of our native plants on the other side of the creek.  A walk through the tall reed canary grass was no easy feat but we made it to the other side, all with dry feet and no swims in the creek!  Students put mulch around native plants to keep moisture in the soil and to protect them against weed growth.  They worked very hard, putting mulch around plants like Oregon ash, willow and douglas spirea.

We had a great time getting to know the Equipo Verde students, talking to them about their schools and interests.  We are so grateful for all of their hard work and for the hard work of Clara and Octaviano, coordinators of the program.  Keep restoring and have a wonderful summer!

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