Searching for streamsides needing help…

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Today Green Team staff toured the Rock Creek watershed.  We were on the lookout for riparian (streamside) corridors that need our help!  SOLV has teamed up with Friends of Trees and the Clackamas River Basin Council to form the Rock Creek Partnership.  Our three organizations teamed up with enthusiastic volunteers, dedicated students, concerned landowners and donors will battle invasive plants head-on and work together to restore Rock Creek to enhance water quality and wildlife habitat.

From the Rock Creek Partnership:

The Rock Creek basin is a part of the larger Clackamas River watershed, which provides high quality drinking water to approximately 300,000 people and provides critical habitat for many sensitive species of plants, fish and wildlife.  The basin begins in the hills east of Interstate 205 and flows southwest to its confluence with the Clackamas River.  Beneficial uses for Rock Creek include domestic consumption, industrial supply, irrigation, and habitat for salmonids and other wildlife.

Rock Creek has populations of a number of fish species including anadromous species such as salmon. While these populations are small and localized they are regionally unique within an urban growth boundary and in an urbanizing area.

Water quality studies in this area have shown elevated water temperatures, pesticide and herbicide presence, low dissolved oxygen, and pollution from runoff.  Severe sedimentation of the creek has been seen as a result of reduced riparian habitat.

We collected data, took before photos and created a restoration plan for three new streamside sites!  We are hoping to engage some student groups through Green Team on these sites, so let us know if your group is interested!

Special thanks to Water Environment Services of Clackamas County for funding the Rock Creek Partnership!

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