Helping out some dehydrated plants

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An enthusiastic team of students from Timber Lake Job Corps joined us today in Estacada to help out some very dehydrated natives along Currin and Wade Creeks.

FAQ from volunteers– Do you water the native trees and shrubs we are planting?

Answer – Yes!  We water newly planted sites about twice a month during the first two summers.  Then, the plants are big and strong enough to flourish on their own.

FAQ from volunteers – How do you guys water the plants?  We are in a natural area and don’t have any hoses nearby.

Answer – Good question!  We have a giant plastic cube we put in the back of our pick up truck that can hold about 350 gallons of water which is gravity fed out through a hose – or comes out even faster if our pump is working!  If we have a team of volunteers and enough water in the stream we use five gallon buckets dipped into the stream.

Timber Lake students worked very hard to water about 1000 plants today.  We also saw some baby trout in Wade Creek and a baby Pacific Tree frog in Currin Creek.  Thank you for the hard work today Timber Lake!

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