Life by the Clackamas

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Last week, youth from Clackamas Community Connections team learned all about different wildlife that live in their restoration project along the Clackamas River.  First, youth worked hard in teams of two to build cages to protect our native saplings from beaver damage.  Beaver are native to Oregon and the Clackamas River but we don’t want them chewing down our baby saplings.  Once the trees have grown bigger species like Willow and Red Osier Dogwood can survive beaver damage.  Students built 45 cages in just one hour!  Some of the cages we even got to use at another restoration site in Beaverton.

Youth also surveyed for salamanders, while we didn’t find any salamanders we did find lots of cool slugs, snails and insects!  Last week we also saw an adult male deer!  Lots of life thriving along the Clackamas River big and small!

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