Getting Wet with Timber Lake Job Corps

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This week with Miles and Meghan at a training in eastern Oregon the Duke Interns are taking over all of the Green Team events. Today Perry, Kate and Xuan went out to Estacada to work with Timber Lake Job Corps. As always, the kids did a wonderful job and luckily the heat held off until the very end. The group watered the large number of plants in the back and front of the school. This was quite a task since the back stream has nearly completely dried out so the students had to fill their buckets from the water cube in SOLV’s truck. The group ended up refilling the cube three times and that was only for the back plants!

The watering was very important for the plants at Estacada because they are still very small and young. Therefore, there is very little shade so the plants roast in the summer sun all day. With Job Corps help though these plants will be able to grow nice and tall and will eventually fend for themselves. They also will provide shade for the stream, which will lower the stream’s temperature making it a more friendly environment for fish and other animals. The importance of Timber Lake’s work today was not lost on them either since future environmental educators were among the group and very interested in learning more about protecting our streams.

Thanks for your hard work Timber Lake!

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