Ivy Battle

This week the Duke interns Kate, Perry and Xuan had a wonderful time working with the kids from the Clackamas Community Connections program! The group returned to Goat Island to continue working to improve the Clackamas River. This week, instead of battling wild cucumber and thistle the group of six tackled English Ivy on Monday. English Ivy is an invasive that grows up the trunk of trees and can eventually make a grown tree topple over! The group did a great job clearing the trees of ivy. We had to make sure there was no ivy within 6 feet of the trees because the ivy can reseed and grow back up the trees if it is not moved far enough away. The youth also cut up the removed ivy so that it can’t start growing again.

On Wednesday part of the group continued waging a war on English Ivy while the other half made cages to protect our young native shrubs and trees from beavers. Although beavers are native to Oregon and an important part of the stream ecosystem SOLV places cages around smaller native plants in order to ensure they are not eaten. These protected trees and shrubs then have the ability to grow and ultimately provide shade for the river and habitat for animals in the area. Perry, Kate and Xuan had an amazing week with the boys and were thrilled to be able to reward them for their hard work with surprise Voodoo Doughnuts! Although the Duke Interns are sad the summer is ending and they have to leave SOLV to return to school the three interns are ecstatic that their last week was so much fun!

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