Springdale Job Corps on a Tracking Mission

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This week, four students from Springdale Job Corps, Meghan (SOLV), Charlie (SOLV), and I (Gina), spent a very sunny morning at Beaver Creek watering our recently planted native trees and shrubs and casting tracks we found along the stream.  These students eagerly grabbed 5 lb buckets, filled them with water from the stream, and fearlessly walked through stinging nettle and blackberry to give our natives the water they needed to survive and conquer!  Even though we have had a fairly rainy summer, these new natives were definitely in need of more water after all of the sunshine we are getting now.  After lots of hard work loading, carrying, and pouring these buckets, we were excited to get to play with plaster and just have fun.

We each filled a small bag with plaster and set out to discover the most intriguing tracks we could find.  Many animals call Beaver Creek home including beavers (of course!), Great Blue Heron, racoons, garter snakes, and much more.  We walked along the stream and stumbled upon fresh racoon tracks!  They were all over the place so a couple of us chose the most detailed track we could find and poured our plaster down.  A couple more of us traveled up the stream a ways, really investing in this mission to find the perfect track.  We all grouped back up, found our hardened tracks and took our new souvineers home.  We are so glad to have all sorts of animals living near Beaver Creek- perhaps we will even see one in action on future visits!

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