Springdale Job Corps Busy at Beaver Creek

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Green Team staff has been very busy running around these past few weeks planning all of our Green Team events for this coming school year! We are excited to spend more time monitoring our streams’ health by looking at macroinvertibrates (read: bugs) in our stream systems this year.

Meanwhile, there is still much work to be done in the field to water and take care of the many native plants past Green Teams have planted, especially in this unusally hot weather! Last Friday, some members of the Springdale Job Corps came out to volunteer with us at our Beaver Creek site in Troutdale. Our volunteers, Michelle, Doug, and Chanel, were awesome workers. Despite the muggy heat and the sweat that was dripping down our faces and the cottony fireweed seeds we kept inhaling, we got a lot of work done!  They cleared blackberry and fireweed that was threatening to shade out over 100 native trees and shrubs that were planted earlier in the year. Then we added mulch to the bottom of the plants to prevent further weeds from choking them out.  This also prevents their roots from drying out too much.

We love having the Springdale Job Corps come out and helping with our sites, and they seemed to have a great time too!

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