Stoneflies and Sunshine

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Well its not every day that you get to catch stoneflies, battle blackberries, and meet a mouse family, but that’s what Clackamas High School students got to spend the past two days doing at Rock Creek and Mount Scott Creeks.

Students in Mr. & Mrs. Shroufe’s classes came out to Rock Creek and got the basics on macroinvertebrate testing from Patrick Edwards, a professor from Portland State University’s Environmental Science and Management Department.  Patrick filled the students in on the importance of finding macroinvertebrates, or insects in the water that can be seen with the naked eye, as they are indicators of stream health and pollution.  Students came across stoneflies, mayflies and scuds to name a few.

Students also sampled from Mount Scott Creek; which has been more heavily impacted by development than Rock Creek.  We are excited to see the results between the two streams once the data has been analyzed!

Charlie and Gina(SOLV) also gave students a tour of Rock Creek and talked about all the plant invaders to this restoration project.  Students learned about Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan(Armenian) Blackberry, Reed Canary Grass, Purple Nightshade and Scotch Broom.  Charlie explained how invasive species can negatively impact stream health by destroying habitat, causing erosion and suffocating our native plant-life.

Thank you Clackamas High School for a wonderful first two days we are excited to work with this excellent, enthusiastic team all school year!

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