Riparian Metaphors and Metamorphosis

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Students from Rachel Carson Middle School got to see how much their native plants grew over the summer months today!  They also saw 5 brand new bat boxes that a Rachel Carson Alumni and Eagle Scout installed over the summer.  Students tested water quality, coffee bagged natives and played a riparian metaphors game.  Students pulled various items out of a bag and worked in teams to figure out how each item represents a different aspect of a healthy riparian corridor.  Through this activity, students were able to recall all the reasons why we’ve been working so hard to restore this special spot along Willow Creek including; shade for a cool stream, shelter for wildlife, toxin filtration for nearby urban runoff and many more!

Not only did students get to experience metaphors but also metamorphosis in action when we found a caterpillar on a native willow tree.  We think that this guy is the larva of a Polyphemus Moth, one of North America’s biggest moths with a wingspan of 5/12 inches!  Good thing we’ve planted plenty of willow to keep these HUGE caterpillars fed!

Antheraea polyphemus larva

Antheraea polyphemus adult moth

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