Aloha High 1, Blackberry 0

And they’re off!  Aloha High School’s AP Environmental Science class got a running start on their first task as a Green Team this morning.  The class showed up bright and early to review watershed basics and begin our elimination of Armenian Blackberry.  Students remembered key components of Riparian Corridors and jumped right into cutting down and digging out Armenian Blackberry.   They surely impressed Meghan and I (Gina) with how much work they were able to get done within one class period!!

On a side note: It turns out that educating fellow classmates about the true origins of Armenian Blackberry (formerly known as Himalayan Blackberry) is a very effective way of impressing each other, as well.

These students brought their A-game today and we are looking forward to future match-ups to try to conquer plants that threaten the survival of our native ones.  This Green Team is definitely one to look out for this season.

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