Rock Creek Middle meets Rock Creek

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Rock Creek Middle School met the creek they are adopting this year and spent some time exploring.  Students arrived and immediately got to work removing big Armenian blackberry roots and reviewing their knowledge of riparian corridors with a fun game.Students worked tirelessly to remove blackberry, learning quickly about the size and depth of their roots.  A few especially hard workers even walked away with new SOLV t-shirts because they dug up the most gigantic root!

Next, students thought creatively regarding the different objects in our riparian metaphor kit and shared their answers with their peers.  Students reviewed the awesome ways that native plants have deep and complex roots that hold our banks in place and filter out toxins from nearby houses and businesses.  We stood near good examples of trees like Ninebark and Alder that do just that for Rock Creek!

We did a brief look at other native and invasive plants on site and the students drove away accomplished and aware of their stream.

Thanks to our student photographers for the awesome photos and videos and thanks to the entire class for being watershed movie stars!

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