Rachel Carson Middle School: Each One Teaching One

The Rachel Carson Middle School Green Team enjoyed a beautifully crisp autumn day yesterday working at Willow Creek. For all of the 6th graders that showed up today, it was their first time at Willow Creek, some wonderful 8th graders joined us to tell stories about their past experiences here. The 8th graders lead the 6th graders on proper blackberry removal technique, how to identify various native and invasive plants (my favorite was “potato chip tree” also known as Red Alder), how to collect water quality data, and they told us about projects they have done there in the past, like create habitat for native turtles. Using everyday objects as metaphors, we also had a great discussion on the importance of the Willow Creek riparian corridor for our local ecosystem.

In such amazing weather, time flew by too quickly as everyone seemed to have a great time. As the group was leaving the site at the end of the day, the SOLV staff overheard one student telling his teacher: “When I go home and tell my friends what I did at school on Wednesdays, they don’t believe me!” The SOLV staff cannot agree with your friends more, we get to do some pretty unbelievable things with our Green Teams.

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