Roots and Shoots Saving Native Plants

After regrouping from our continued excitement over meeting Dr. Jane Goodall, our Roots & Shoots Green Team gathered for our first visit to Council Creek at Ryland Park.

We reviewed the basic concepts of Riparian Corridors though a fun metaphor game involving silly objects and very creative thinking.  We talked about the ways in which native trees and shrubs have varying and complex root systems that will help hold our soil in place and prevent erosion.  We talked about reed canary grass, why it grows so persistently and how we can work to remove it from Council Creek.

Then we were off!  Students and parents learned the proper techniques of lying down and staking in coffee bags to save our native species plantings and we got to work.  We must have saved at least 100 native trees and shrubs in our time together.   SOLV staff really appreciates the energy, enthusiasm, and deep care for the environment this group possesses and we are so excited for our next adventure

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