Biggest blackberry battle in Green Team history!

Green Team staff Charlie, Gina and Meghan worked with the Glencoe High School Green Team for the first time this year at McKay Creek.  Conveniently, McKay Creek flows right beside the school, so 12(!) mighty Biology and Environmental science classes marched outside from their classrooms to battle blackberry that is overtaking the natural area beside their school.

Students learned how Armenian(formerly known as Himalayan) blackberry is taking over our native plants, negatively impacting water quality in McKay Creek and destroying wildlife habitat.  Students got a quick intro into blackberry removal techniques and quickly went to work.  We were all SUPER impressed with their work.  A once over taken forest was quickly transformed over the two days into an area prepped for new native trees and shrubs to be planted!

This is one for the Green Team record books, in her six years of working as Green Team staff, Meghan has NEVER seen a group remove this much blackberry in two days!  See the before and after photos!

THANK YOU Glencoe and we will see you next month!

Before - the mountain of blackberry

Photo Point 1 - The removal starts!

Photo Point 1 - During

Photo Point 1 -After two days of hard work!

Photo Point 2 Before!

Photo Point 2 After!

Photo Point 3 Before!

Photo Point 3 After!

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