Award Winning Rachel Carson Middle School, at it again!

On Wednesday, Willow Creek made another impactful visit to Willow Creek. Students arrived excited to jump in, get their hands dirty, learn about the importance of the riparian zone, and get some important work done. We had a lot of very intelligent 8th graders joining groups of 6th graders (which frankly makes our work a lot easier!). The 8th graders taught their peers about what work they have done at Willow Creek in the past, why they did it, and why it’s important for the ecology of the Willamette Basin to even do the work we do at these sites. They also demonstrated proper techniques of water quality testing, as well as give pointers on effective blackberry removal. We love seeing these students get so excited at this site! All of these students were so knowledgable and hard-working that they could be on SOLV staff!

Last Friday Rachel Carson Middle School was recognized for their wonderful work at Willow Creek by becoming the receiver of SOLV’s 2011 Citizenship Award for Educators/Schools. After Wednesday it was quite obvious why they received this exciting award. The sense of wonder and stewardship for the environment that this institution manages to foster in their students makes every day working with Rachel Carson Middle School something we always look forward to.

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