King Elementary Prepares for the Field

Last Friday SOLV was excited to meet with its only elementary school Green Team with King Elementary of Oregon City. Joining SOLV was volunteer, Gavin from Gladstone High School, who not only was a member of Gladstone’s Green team last year but will be working with King Elementary’s Green Team for his senior project. In the (seemingly short) hour that we worked with them, we discussed why when looking at stream health, it is important to consider the entire watershed, what makes a stream healthy and why some of our local urban streams are unhealthy, and the ways that the King Elementary Green Team will help make one of our local unhealthy streams (Abernathy Creek) healthy once more. Then the students broke into groups and drew up some more examples of healthy streams vs. unhealthy streams. Finally Gavin closed up our hour with a wonderful story about the salmon cycle in healthy streams.

We are so excited to have King Elementary joining us for another year, and can’t wait to get in the field with them!

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