A connected green team community

Green Teamers from King Elementary School visited Abernethy Creek for the first time this school year to help us protect some newly planted native trees and shrubs with coffee bags.  Together with Charlie(SOLV), Gavin a Gladstone High School senior who is volunteering to lead our King Elementary students on their monthly outings to Abernethy Creek, instructed students on proper coffee bagging techniques while also reminding students why this stream enhancement project is so important for water quality and wildlife habitat.

The coffee bags are donated to us from Boyd’s Coffee Company.  The bags are made out of a grass called Jute, which biodegrades in a few years.  We lay them on either side of our newly planted natives to shade out invasive weeds from around the plantings.

Many students from the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science Green Team joined us and worked alongside the younger students!  Green Team staff were so proud to have students representing three Green Team schools all volunteering together after school on their own time!

Thank you King Elementary, Gladstone High and Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science students!

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