Trick or Treating for Blackberry

It was no ordinary Halloween for Clackamas High School students this year.  It was a crisp October day, students were eager, restoration was in the air, and blackberry did not stand a chance.

Just before 9:00am students unloaded from the bus, strapped on a pair of gloves and headed toward Rock Creek with tools in hand.  We could sense the Armenian Blackberry’s fear as we creeped up toward it.

This Halloween, Clackamas High School brought justice to Rock Creek, scaring and attacking invasive Armenian Blackberry everywhere they could.  Students discovered Red Osier Dogwoods, Indian Plums, and Sword Ferns we had no idea existed under all that blackberry!  Students created new paths with these freshly restored areas and even spotted some spooky (and really cool) spider webs along the way.

Students also toured our Rock Creek site with Charlie (SOLV) to review the names of some of our native plant allies.  Lastly, students got to harvest some Red Osier Dogwood to make new stakes.  When we plant these branches into the ground, a whole new tree will propagate!

All in all, we left as accomplished conservationists with new knowledge about our creek and the blackberry was left feeling the true spook of Halloween.

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