Fall Back to Planting with Roots and Shoots

On Tuesday, our Resources for Health Roots and Shoots Green Team met at Ryland Park in Cornelius to start planting some much-needed trees and shrubs along Council Creek.

Council Creek has received a lot of pressure from agriculture and urban development and as a result, the riparian habitat has turned into an open grassy meadow choked with reed canary grass. This invasive robust grass has been growing so densely and tall (over 9 feet!) that there is no chance for any native woody plants to even have a chance to take root and start growing.  This very degraded site will soon be home to over 2,000 new trees and shrubs that will be planted there this year by community groups and Green Teams alike. With their help we can transform this desert of a wetland into a thriving biodiverse riparian community.

Our Roots and Shoots Green Team got the season’s planting off to a nice start as we planted over thirty Sitka willow plants along the creek. The dense root mats from the grass and the sticky mud made things a little difficult but this Green Team didn’t care! They took on the mud head first, literally, and found a lot of humor when the ground “spoke” as holes were dug and the sounds of the suctioning mud rang throughout the site. A pair of Red-Winged Blackbirds nesting at the site also found some good humor in the work and decided to sing some beautiful songs and show off their displays for the very diligent and hard workers.

We are very excited for the potential of this site and the hard work of the Resources for Health Roots and Shoots Green Team have gotten off to a great start!

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