Something smells fishy…

24 students from West Linn High School, 1 SOLV board member with 2 friends and 2 Green Team staff ventured together up the Clackamas River this past Saturday to place salmon carcasses from the hatchery into the upper watershed!

Why do we do this you ask?

Historically, the salmon would have made it upstream on their own steam.  After using their noses to guide them to their home streams from the Pacific Ocean, they’d lay their eggs and perish shortly after.  The nutrients from their bodies would make their way into the water column, nourishing nearby plant life and aquatic creatures.  Currently, a number of barriers make it impossible for salmon to return to the upper reaches of the watershed, leaving these portions of the Clackamas nutrient-deprived.

And that’s where the volunteers come in!

– Becki Walker, CRBC

We tossed in an area past Estacada, on Ripplebrook and Rainbow Campgrounds.  This was our first toss this year with Jeff Fulop of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  We tossed 600 fish in about two hours.  Surveys taken on streams and rivers where salmon have been tossed in the past show 40% healthier trees and nutrient levels.

Thank you West Linn High School and all volunteers!

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