Rex Putnam Rediscovers Boardman Creek

One of our newer Green Teams at Rex Putnam High School came out with SOLV a couple of times this past week to help restore Boardman Creek. This beautiful creek in Milwaukie was being guarded on both sides by an intense thick boundary of Armenian Blackberry brambles. With the help of two Environmental Science classes students were able to at least cut a path through the brambles down to the creek. And what did we discover on the other side of the thorny boundary? A sleeping princess? A fawn next to a snowy lamppost? The Degobah system? No, we discovered something even better: beautiful Boardman Creek and it’s (sadly neglected) riparian zone.

This beautiful site has so much potential. Despite being a desert of a monoculture of reed canary grass, there were many native plants such as cottonwood, oak, dogwood, spirea, and wild rose along the creek that are still hanging on, waiting to be rescued. While spending much of the time hacking away at the invasive blackberry boundary, students also spent some time exploring the site, learning about the native and invasive plants present, and talking about how the riparian zone can be improved.

We all left the site excited for the potential for what Boardman Creek can become with the help of a Green Team like Rex Putnam’s.

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