Reynolds High School: Extreme Streambank Restoration

Members of Reynolds High School’s Outdoor Adventures Club came out last week to Beaver Creek in Troutdale to help out with planting native plants on a reed-canary grass infested terrace. The terrace we were planting on was down a steep embankment, but Reynolds High School students were more than happy to carry down plants, shovels, coffee bags, and their classmates (when help was needed) down the 20 foot near vertical face. Some of the more adventurous ones with a little mountain goat in their blood were happy to even plant cedar trees on the steep slope so that their roots could prevent further erosion on the bank.

If steep banks weren’t enough, with the recent daylight savings change, the sun set before they were finished planting and coffee-bagging the plants, but did Reynolds High School students care? No they just kept on working until the job was completed and until they could barely see any more.

We appreciate all of their hard work, and we look forward to working with them at Beaver Creek in the future!

One thought on “Reynolds High School: Extreme Streambank Restoration

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