Gladstone says “Auf Wiedersehen” to Rinearson Creek

Last Monday was the last time that the fall trimester class at Gladstone High School will be able to come out to Rinearson Creek. On this cold and foggy morning 30 students piled out of their bus, and got to work, planting more than 100 trees and shrubs in just under 25 minutes! Four trees a minute? This was truly a feat of superhuman proportions that can only be expected of students living in Gladstone. To make things even more impressive, the trees and shrubs were planted on a fairly steep slope in the muddy rain. These trees and shrubs were planted on a bank that had recently been overgrown with invasives like english ivy and english holly, and so planting these trees and shrubs will be vital in holding that bare soil in place and preventing it from eroding into the stream as well as preventing some of these invasives from coming back.

As the last Gladstone student tromped on the bus in his muddy boots, rain began to fall from the sky like metaphorical tears; Mother Nature was sad to see them leave. Thank you Gladstone High School, SOLV thanks you, Rinearson Creek thanks you, the earth thanks you. While sad to see this chapter of Rinearson restoration work end, we at SOLV also look forward to next trimester working at Rinearson with an entirely new Gladstone Green Team!

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