And Now a Word from our Spawnsors…

Do the salmon in your streams have difficulties swimming as far upstream as they did historically?  Is your watershed degraded or in need of nutrients?  Do you enjoy a spawntaneous game of toss?

Yes!?  Then have we got a story for you!!

Students from West Linn High School, Gladstone High School, and Rex Putnam High School met up with a few Jesuit Volunteers, Representatives from the Clackamas River Basin Council, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, and SOLV to toss dead salmon and all of their brilliant nutrients into the Upper Clackamas River.  These students care so deeply about restoring riparian corridors that they opted to wake up early on a Saturday morning, slip into a trash bag dress, and carry fish guts and blood to a part of the Clackamas in need of nutrients.  They carried several salmon from the truck to the river on strings and sticks, making our work as efishent as possible.  Students deposited these salmon to their final resting places in no time!

You can have your fun at restoring a creek near you too, even if throwing dead salmon carcases is not your cup of roe.  Just simply pick up trash near your stream, learn about the plants growing there, and sign up for community volunteer events to be a salmbassador of your stream.  Its easy, fun, and always rewarding.

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