King Elementary and Friends Be-leafing in the Future

Last Friday, there was a lot of activity going on at Abernathy creek. Our special Green Team at King Elementary showed up ready to get some work done as usual but joining them this time to help out were several students from Clackamas High School’s AP Environmental Sciences classes as well as a few from the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science Green Team!

This week, King Elementary came out with their usual gusto and enthusiasm to help us plant some trees! Much needed planting so it was a good thing we had so much help. (Not to mention, when digging holes, it makes things easier to have people who weigh more than 80 lbs helping…) These ash and willow trees we planted will be really important for the future of the Abernathy Creek watershed as their tall branches will provide much-needed shade, keeping the water nice and cold, and their roots will hold onto the soil, preventing sediment from washing into the creek.

And speaking of warm sediment-loaded water… While this is bad for the Abernathy Creek ecosystem, we discovered that it can taste delicious to people! So for all of their hard work in the cold  weather, SOLV treated all of our volunteers to a nice warm cup of hot dirty water! Okay, okay, okay, so it wasn’t truly dirt from our stream banks students were enjoying in their hot water, but one could argue that hot chocolate mix is a kind of sediment…

Abernathy Creek thanks all of the wonderful students, teachers, parents, and chaperones who came out to help for all of your hard work!

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