A Green Team shout out!

Clackamas High School Green Team!

Green Team staff love working with students and teachers from the North Clackamas School District… here’s a nice story about recent outings!

From the North Clackamas School District Newsletter:


For decades, SOLV has been on a mission to keep Oregon green.  Now the non-profit is partnering with three North Clackamas Schools to expand that mission into environmental learning.  In partnership with science teachers at Clackamas High, Rex Putnam High, and Rock Creek Middle School, SOLV is teaching a new generation ways to protect the environment through science class.  Here are some of the projects students have tackled:

Clackamas High:
Presenters from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Clackamas River Basin Council told students about the nutrients dead salmon deposit into the forest and stream as they decay.  Students then dissected the dead salmon to learn about fish anatomy and physiology.  The lesson ended with students trying the Japanese art of Gyotaku, a traditional form of fish printing used to record the size and type of fish.  Students also got creative with writing reflections from the salmon’s point of view.

Rex Putnam High:
Rex Putnam ‘s environmental science classes worked with SOLV to restore Boardman Creek in Milwaukie.  After removing an invasive patch of Armenian blackberry brambles, students got a lesson on native plants and invasive plants, and how the riparian zone can be improved by encouraging biodiversity.

Rock Creek Middle School:
SOLV brought a laboratory into the classroom, helping students with a macroenvertibrate survey, which provides an indicator of stream health and pollution.  Students learned a testing method called the pollution tolerance index to determine how clean a waterway is by the aquatic bugs and organisms they find.  Students tested the water from Rock Creek, which their school is named after.

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