Saving Phillips creek, one native plant at a time

Over 50 students from Clackamas Middle College joined us today for their second outing to Phillips Creek which runs behind the school.  Students removed Armenian Blackberry and planted native trees and shrubs along the creek.

The Phillips Creek watershed drains approximately 1,800-acres.  In large part, this drainage basin has already been urbanized with commercial buildings, high-density residential neighborhoods, and transportation surfaces.  Many of the Phillips Creek tributaries were realigned or placed underground in pipes to accommodate early development.  Although Phillips Creek suffers from these human-related changes, it is still considered sensitive habitat, provides relatively cool and well oxygenated water quality, and is home to Cutthroat trout and other fish and wildlife species.

The natives students planted today will grow to shade Phillips Creek, provide much-needed root structure to stabilize stream banks and create habitat for wildlife in the neighborhood.

Thank you Clackamas Middle College!

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